Monday, May 6, 2024

Dylan Cover #630 Grant Peeples featuring Ruthie Foster "Things Have Changed"

In this ongoing Monday Series we will be exploring various artists versions of Bob Dylan song's. Today's tune is a cover by Grant Peeples featuring Ruthie Foster playing "Things Have Changed"

All April (and the first week of May) RtBE focuses our Monday Dylan Cover Series on artists who are playing this years New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. Today is Ruthie Foster who played the festival this Thursday April 25th

Thoughts on Original:
From the first time we tackled a cover of this tune:
One of Dylan's late career highlights is this haunting tune of isolating coldness that is sprinkled with some of his coolest vocal images and smirks. You can see him wheeling a lady down the street, drinking champagne with one and doing a creaky jitterbug with another. It can be the lighter side of "Love Sick" or a more urban update to "Mississippi" but even taken on it's own it is a hell of a slick tune. Unfortunately it was only released on the Wonder Boys soundtrack and not an official album, which is a let down, but it did win Dylan both a Golden Globe and an Academy Award.


Thoughts on Cover Artist:
RtBE has come across Grant Peeples, (A self-described “tree-hugger that watches NASCAR,”) for the first time, but we dig on Ruthie Foster who played JF this year. 

Thoughts on Cover:
An awesome cover. Drawn out a bit, dueling vocals, killer blues guitar, light lyrical shifts to make it personal, a really great cover, in fact I am not sure we have had a bad cover of "Things Have Changed" in this series, it is such a cool tune.  

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