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Live Review: Joe Russo's Almost Dead - 5/3/24 Fillmore New Orleans, LA

Joe Russo's Almost Dead
5/3/24 Fillmore 
New Orleans, LA

What has become tradition now, Joe Russo's Almost Dead set up shop for post Jazz Fest shows in New Orleans and give the music loving fans another outlet for Grateful Dead (and more) inspired music. This year the locale was the gorgeous Fillmore which was just under sold out for Friday night's set of tunes. 

Slowly easing into things, the band Russo on drums, bassist Dave Dreiwitz, keyboardist Marco Benevento, Scott Metzger and Tom Hamilton on guitar, built the soothing sound with ease and grace towards a fun, bright show opener in "Foolish Heart" as the crowd filtered in as the meandering tune pleasantly filled the venue. "New Minglewood Blues" showcased Benevento's work on the organ and piano winningly as he lead the musical charge. After a "Fire on the Mountain" pump fake, the band decided to tackle "Scarlett Begonias" which had big bass drops from Dreiwitz but again went the slow build route. 

Keeping fans on their toes, the band flipped flopped another classic pairing, delivering "I Know You Rider" into "China Cat Sunflower" which was semi interesting but didn't flow as expected. Much better was their first time take on "Fire and Brimstone" perhaps inspired by being in New Orleans and The Neville Brothers version of the tune which was a set highlight. The first set wrapped up with the big sonic rollicking of "Viola Lee Blues" which had been teased a few times during the opening set. 

The second set began just as brightly with another New Orleans inspired tune, "Ruben and Cherise" which got the crowd cheering in loud fashion at the mention of the host city in the lyrics. While both sets were full of strong playing it is hard to top the groups take "Throwin' Stones" which was mega on this evening, delivering huge drops and guitar builds before getting a bit noisy, then spacey then bringing it all back in for some really top notch, adventurous rock and roll. 

"Mississippi Half-Step" was a cool stretched out boogie before the band brought the heat again with "The Other One" which welcomed Stuart Bogie on sax, Jon Shaw on keyboard and Jonathan Goldberger on guitar to increase the madness. The tune along with the following "Blues for Allah" were ripping and a showcase for Russo's dynamite drumming which propels the band. 

One last major movement was left on the night as the core group dropped into "Terrapin Station" as the two ringing guitarists hit all the right notes and glowed brightly throughout the closing musical movement. 

With after shows still to come late in the night (or early in the morning depending how you look at it), the group wrapped up the encore with a piano solo from Benevento that lead into a sing along version of "Werewolves of London" as the fun night of tunes from JRAD closed on a joyous high note.   

Peep some video of the show, set one opener starts around the 6:30 mark here:

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