Wednesday, May 8, 2024

New Single/Video from Lightning Bug "Lullaby For Love"

The NYC based outfit Lightning Bug has a new video out for the single "Lullaby For Love".

About the song, Audrey Kang shares: 
“I wrote "Lullaby for Love" as part of a mixtape for an ex-partner. It was actually kind of a joke between us, like leaning into the cheesiness of being in love. But as life flowed on, it kind of stuck with me. When you’re really in love, it feels like a special world that exists outside time and space. I don’t even mean with a romantic partner, necessarily. You could be in love with the ocean, with the sunlight, a really perfect day. And you just want it to go on forever. That’s what I wanted to express in this song. ”

Check out hypnotic track and video below:

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