Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Sazerwrap 2024

In years past we have delivered a Sazerwrap to catalog our personal Jazzfest experience, so we will continue this year. 

We have reviewed some of the shows we caught already and it should be stated: Jazzfest in New Orleans is RtBE's absolute favorite time of the year. 

This may have been our top experience at the Fairgrounds proper as it was a monster of a lineup, good/great weather for it, and a blast with friends. 

Being able to get to the Fairgrounds three times, once just to bounce around, one for the Stones and once to bounce around and see RtBE Fav's Neil Young and Crazy Horse, all with no rain, made this trip just fantastic. Below are some pics from the fest Starting with Sunday:

From The Iguanas to Silver Synthetic to Fi Yi YI & The Mandingo Warriors to Greg Stafford & his Young Tuxedo Brass Band to Bon Bon Vivant to Bela Fleck to Rebirth Brass Band to Big Chief Monk Boudreaux & The Golden Eagles to Heart. Sunday was fun. 

Thursday was Main Stage only as we caught New Breed Brass Band with Trombone Shorty, Samantha Fish, Dumpstaphunk and a little band called The Rolling Stones

Saturday was more bouncing around but less picture taking with Little Freddie King, Leo Nocentelli, Kermit RuffinsRhiannon Giddens, and NY&CH:

Next year I think I will rank my favorite JF performances...NY&CH will be high on that list:

Away from the fest we also got a chance to hit up BJ's Lounge and see our friend Scully's new video release shin dig. Some of our favs played some acoustic songs and it was fun spending time with the locals. Took some pics of that as well.

There was even more on the music front, Music in the Square, Factory Fest at Louisiana Music Factory etc, but those memories will live in the brain, not the digital 1' and 0's. 

RtBE will sometimes do a separate food post because of how amazing the food is in New Orleans, but on this Jazz Fest trip, the food didn't get a ton of documentation. Here are pics of the best Festival eats (The Shrimp Beignets) and the best restaurant we hit (August) 

Crawfish Bread, bit of a let down

Shrimp Beignets, not a let down

Until next year!

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