Friday, May 31, 2024

Happy 30th Anniversary to The Beastie Boys Ill Communication

Happy 30th Anniversary to The Beastie Boys Ill Communication, released this day in 1994. 

The Beasties were hugely influential on RtBE from everything to music to fashion and Ill Communication was a big one, hitting when we were in high school. 

Overall, Ill Communication is sort of like Check Your Head part 2 as the band kept the idea of mixing in their own instrumentals into their hip hop, but also went the added yard of reacquainting themselves (and the public) with their hardcore/punk past.  

While the hip-hop is strong on Ill Communication, "Sure Shot", "Root Down and "Get It Together" are all classics, it could be argued that the punk/rock/hardcore is even better. "Heart Attack Man" and "Tough Guy" are great, and "Sabotage" just may be the best Beastie Boy song they ever wrote.

In revisiting the album for this anniversary, it (like Check Your Head as well) runs a bit long and while the Buddhist intentions of MCA are solid, the music drags towards the end of the record. The Beasties didn't release a lot of albums so you can't blame them for wanting to get the music out, but some editing would put this up their as one of their best releases, however, overall Ill Communication, just may be the best representations of everything that makes the Boys Beastie.  

Take a minute today to enjoy the album as it turns 30. Listen to some tunes from it below:

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