Monday, June 20, 2011

Dylan Cover #17 The Unknown Origins "Silvio" Live

In this ongoing Monday Series we will be exploring various artists versions of Bob Dylan song's. Today's tune comes from The Unknown Origins and is a live cover of "Silvio

Thoughts on Dylan Original:
One of the bright spots on the stinker Down in The Groove, and I have always felt that this ha a lot to do with Robert Hunter helping Bobby out on this one.  Co-written by Hunter with Jerry Garcia, Brent Mydland and Bobby Weir helping out on the studio recording this track feels very mid-career Grateful Dead.  It got even more so live, picking up the rollicking pace and sticking with Bob for the rest of his career, something none of the other Groove tracks managed to do.  I have always loved "Silvio" because of the Dead connection and because I caught a ripping version of it at my first and still to this day favorite Dylan show...    

Thoughts on Cover Artist:
Never heard of The Unknown Thoughts, and not much on line about them.  Looks like a cover band from VA if I can read the minimal websites correctly.  Any more info would gladly be appreciated.

Thoughts on Cover:
Wow...again one of the main reasons to do this series was to find new/unique/different acts and this week was a head bopping discovery.  The group goes for the goat and takes the song full steam ahead with organ solos, crashing cymbals and a hell of a lead guitar.  They accelerate the pace of the song without sacrificing one verse of the mystical lyrics, providing a smooth delivery with excellent backing vocals in the chorus...even chucking out the dated sounding woo-hoo's!

The guitar playing earns special attention with Sean Loomis killing it on solo's, adding flairs to the actual intro, and unique runs throughout the whole song.  This is a get out of your chair and boogie version, ain't not a damn thing wrong with that.

Grade: Solid A. 

Wilson's Take:

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