Wednesday, June 22, 2011

NYC Moments: This time with the Highline

Moments like these are the reason this is home...ahh, New York City.

Yesterday we were doing some stuff around the apartment when we randomly heard brass music.  Looking outside we saw The Hungry Marching Band cruising literally right past my window...they were Second Linin' Down The Highline!
It was part of Make Music NYC.  I couldn't get my camera in time, but eerily almost the same thing happened today. 
The Yellow Building in the back is home...
Will getting some ducks in a row, it started pouring rain outside...when the rain stopped I could have swore I heard some drums.  Looked outside and there was a jazz band playing the pop-up beer garden right under the Highline!
Sorry for the narrow video (first on my new iphone!) but I managed to run down and catch the last snippet of the bands set amidst the puddles and brave souls drinking in the rain.  Ahh small moments make me love this town more and more...however, it is a touch bizarre that 4 years ago people were getting shot here and now there is a legit art installation.
How the city reinvents itself is astounding....Now we have tourists were their only used to be hookers...Progress!

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