Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Funday - Free Music - RtBE Freegal Mix # 2

It's back!  The free warped mix that you crave and this time things are really sprouting eclectic. 

Again this comes from the excellent music database Freegal.

Yeah all over the map this got the ever present minstrel starting things off, with an amazing live reinterpretation of one of his best songs.  Brandi Carlile is a new comer to my life but good ol' Charlie Mingus sure ain't. 
 Things take a turn for gangsta with Ghostface and then vacillate with some folksy T-Bone, the Motor City Madman's best tune "Stranglehold" and the funky/sexy Johnny "Guitar" Watson's "Booty Ooty" which you need to love for the title alone.
The ending duo couldn't be more divergent as we have all-time country bad boy Billie Joe Shaver rocking out to the fantastic "Black Rose"  while that guitar moves me (as do the lyrics) it doesn't make me smile as much as this BJS ditty...

Then we end with the pulsating noise of Sunn 0))).  If you Mary's can't take the drone I understand, but give it at least one spin...Enjoy the tunes, and enjoy your weekend. 

(By the Way...the first one is here in case you missed it)

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