Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday Funday: Oysters NYPL Blogpost

I Love Oysters...
I know I just posted this last week...but what a pic!
I could eat them for every meal and some days do so when I saw Carmen's blog post over on I got hungry.  When she opens with this paragraph it is hard not too. 
Blue Points, Saddle Rocks, Rockaways, Lynnhavens, Cape Cods, Buzzard Bays, Cotuits, Shrewsburys -- raw on the half shell. Fried oysters, oyster pie, oyster patties, oyster box stew, Oysters Pompadour, Oysters Algonquin, Oysters a la Netherland, a la Newberg, a la Poulette, oysters roasted on toast, broiled in shell, served with cocktail sauce, stewed in milk or cream, fried with bacon, escalloped, fricasseed, and pickled.
Fantastic, my mouth is watering...Then I remembered this was a NYC library blog so I knew it wouldn't be long before she mentioned the excellent Mark Kurlansky book The Big Oyster: History On The Half Shell which is a fascinating look at the oysters history with a specific focus on NYC. 
I won't say much more...except I could really go for a couple of dozen of Phantom Creek's right about now...anyway go read Carmen's excellent blog post, play around in the menu world of NYPL and enjoy your weekend.

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