Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Glide Review - The Rough Seven Live 5-8-11 Checkpoint Charlies, NOLA

Got a new review up on Glide.

Read it right c'here!!!

It is from The Rough Seven's Live set early on the morning of 5/8/11 (late on the 7th?) down in New Orleans at Checkpoint Charlie's.

The band took the stage late, and almost made me miss my flight...they were that good.  As I so casually mentioned in my Sazerwrap-up of this years fest, this was the show of the year for me...The bands were both fantastic with The Rok Boms surprising and The Rough Seven confirming their greatness. 

I can not hype this band enough, I was really moved by their set and wish I lived in town so I can see them play whenever they do.  Talking briefly with the members was a thrill and I hope you all go and grab their album as it will undoubtedly brighten up your life. 
Here they were playing the big stage at the fairgrounds the morning before this amazing late night set:

Keep up the great work ladies and gents!

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