Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Album Review: Biblical -Monsoon Season

Monsoon Season
*** out of *****
The metal/hard-rocking quartet from Toronto Biblical, have put fourth an expansive album in Monsoon Season. Only 6 songs are here but the band feels confident mixing guitar solos, tight rhythms and mid range vocals.  Meshing up a two guitar attack with organs adding to the texture of things, the band has succeed in crafting some heavy soundscapes.

The first single and disk opener "Second Sight" is upbeat traversing lots of terrain. "All Justice, No Peace" puts a hangman to the forefront with a "Hey-Ho" chorus, Nick Sewell's vocals aren't your screaming variety (and also stay away from Glam excess) they are direct except in "The Quiet Crooks" where things get spacey and a touch falsetto before a noisy guitar injection.   

"Married Man" picks up the pace with a swinging drum beat as Jay Anderson puts the skins in the spotlight, providing a killer groove making it a highlight. The expansive title track closes things by pushing the boundaries at over 11 minutes as it ebbs and flows through a cosmic adventure.  For fans of hard rock and bands like Kyuss, give Biblical a listen.
Interesting band, we dug this disk.

Support the group here, buy the album here and peep some video below:

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