Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Album Review: no:carrier -The Confession EP

Confession EP
**and1/2 out of *****
In hearing the musical term "electro-noir pop" it helps that the duo comes from Germany and California, a perfect pairing for that style of music. The players that form no:carrier are Cynthia Wechselberger and Chris Wirsig who put together this 6 song EP in advance of their upcoming full length release.

The single mix of "Confession" starts things in a upbeat manner and "Hero To a Fool" fades out just when things start to get really groovy. There is a definite Depeche Mode vibe to things as dancey beats mix with darker undertones. "A Bright Room" puts industrial sounds into play as things clang and bounce around to end the short EP.

The title track "Confession" appears in two more forms, on the "1st in 14th" mix things are digital, sounding like a pulsing motherboard while on the "Inspired By F.P." mix things are more primal with a deep beat introducing the song before laser zaps. All three versions are interesting and fans of digital music will have the option to sample any of them to find their favorite.
This genre of tunes is not really our cup of tea, but we are always down to check out new things.

You can stream the album for free here on soundcloud support the band here and peep some video below:

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