Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Thurston's Favorite Tunes

We dig it when artists we love, talk about artists they love. Thurston Moore must have one of the best record collections out there as he has had an amazing career in music (we think he should get more respect).
Turns out earlier this year he chatted with the now defunct The Fly and Brooklyn Vegan reposted the list of his 38 favorite songs which you can see below. There are some obvious strong influences on him like No Wave bands and punk, but some classic surprises as well; with someone like Moore whose all over the musical map this varied list is semi expected.

Groups like Negative Approach who he recently played with Nirvana and his friends in Dinosaur Jr. but some unknown (to us) are on the list so we are excited to sift through record bins and youtube to hear them. Peep a few video samples of some songs after the list.

Thurston Moore's 38 Favorite Songs of All Time
Tapper Zukie - 'Man Ah Warrior'
Patti Smith - 'Godspeed'
Teenage Jesus & The Jerks - 'Orphans'
Mars - '3E'
Public Image LTD - 'Public Image'
The Slits - 'Love Und Romance'
The Raincoats - 'In Love'
Captain Beefheart - 'Electricity'
Alice Cooper - 'Is It My Body?'
T. Rex - 'Children Of The Revolution'
Archie Shepp - 'Blasé'
Billie Holiday - 'Gloomy Sunday'
Nirvana - 'Dive'
Mudhoney - 'In 'N Out of Grace'
Dinosaur Jr. - 'Little Fury Things'
Jackson C. Frank - 'Blues Run The Game'
Bush Tetras - 'Too Many Creeps'
The Germs - 'Caught In My Eye'
Boredoms - 'Born To Anal'
Lou Reed - 'Satellite Of Love'
Beach Boys - 'Hang On To Your Ego'
David Bowie - 'Five Years'
Sparks - 'Equator'
Siouxsie & The Banshees - 'Hong Kong Garden'
The Damned - 'New Rose'
The Mentally Ill - 'Gacy's Place'
Minor Threat - 'Out Of Step'
Black Flag - 'I've Got To Run'
The Untouchables - 'Nic Fit'
Iron Cross - 'Fight Em All'
The Faith - 'It's Time'
Void - 'My Rules'
Negative Approach - 'Nothing'
Youth Brigade - 'It's About Time We Had A Change'
State Of Alert - 'Gonna Haveta Fight'
Anne Briggs - 'Go Your Way'
The Fugs - 'Crystal Liaison'
Jimi Hendrix - 'Freedom'

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