Thursday, March 27, 2014

Album Review: Wolfmother- New Crown

New Crown
*** out of *****

The Australian throwback rock band Wolfmother has been going through rounds of lineup changes and solo tours but at the end of the day the band is the brainchild of frontman/axe slinger Andrew Stockdale. Stockdale is the only original member of the three piece which burst on the scene in the mid 2000's. Their sound borrowed heavily from the mid 70's hard rock groups and that trend continues here as Stockdale welcomes Ian Peres (Bass/Keys) and Vin Steele (Drums) into the fold for New Crown.  

Fans who have followed the band are in for more of the same, sludgy low end, fuzzy mega guitars and large vocal dynamics. Opening with "How Many Times" the band puts a punkish kick into things behind a catchy riff before a big breakdown/crash ending. "Tall Ships" has Stockdale wailing like a prime Ozzy Osbourne while the quick "Feelings" brings a drum driven fuzzy punk vibe to things.

The track "I Ain't Got No" feels like a middle of the road straight ahead rocker before the grooviest song here "My Tangerine Dream" rolls out. There is an odd ending tacked on to the track though that seems to have an Elvis impersonator singing things over acoustic guitars, strange all around. 

Beauty Queens, Radios and other touchstones get lots of love with the lyrics but the music is straight out of vinyl rock and wood paneled basements. During the track "Heavy Weight" Stockdale sings the line "Standing on the edge of a mountain/Thinking about yesterday", a perfect summation of New Crown.
Another cool find on bandcamp. We have been fortunate to capture a bunch of good stuff there.

Support the band here, stream and grab the album (as well as a vid) below:

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