Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Professor Longhair's Live on the Queen Mary Re-Release

On March 24th, 1975 Paul and Linda McCartney hosted an album release party for their band Wings newest release Venus and Mars on board the famous Queen Mary which was docked outside of Long Bach, CA. The main event of that party was a bubbling set by New Orleans legend Professor Longhair which was recorded and released.

Now Live on the Queen Mary is being re-released and remastered on 180 Vinyl, CD and digital for a new generation of fans to appreciate the greatness of Fess who influenced every New Orleans piano player who has ever heard him.

It is appropriate that this announcement came during the month we are celebrating The Beatles in our Masters series and this whole show stems from a post Beatles release. There will be much more about those post Beatle releases tomorrow on the site, so stay tuned...   

As for Live on the Queen Mary, owning this vinyl is a must for RtBE and to convince you below is a sampling of tunes off the record.

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