Wednesday, December 2, 2020

White Stripes Greatest Hits Article

Thanks to @glidemag for publishing my article on The White Stripes promoting the upcoming release of their first Greatest Hits package on Third Man Records to be released Friday.

The truth is while a big fan of Jack White, unlike the majority of his fans, The White Stripes are our least favorite of his artistic outlets (give me some bass!). There is no doubt the Stripes albums contain his (and Meg's) most popular tunes and is the band that he is most known for, but in the land of stripped down garage rock I always felt their were better acts out there (Reigning Sound to name one). However, they deserve their accolades as they were at the forefront of changing popular music at the turn of the millennium.  

While The Dead Weather, The Raconteurs and Jack's solo records have always personally hit home harder than the early out put of The White Stripes, but they aren't chanting "Carolina Drama" at Wembley Stadium when England scores against Germany.  

Congrats to The White Stripes and to celebrate their Greatest Hits release, here are a few tunes:

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