Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Album Review: Soul Glo - Songs To Yeet At The Sun

Soul Glo
Songs To Yeet At The Sun
*** out of *****

With a blood curdling scream the newest EP from Philadelphia's Soul Glo blasts open. Titled Songs To Yeet A The Sun, this collection of 5 tracks blister with aggression, experimentation, grooves and anger. 

"(Quietly) Do The Right Thing" yelling and screamo style is a kick in the ear as lyrics are unintelligible without the lyric sheet provided, while the guitars slice like chainsaws chewing up the scene. The antidepressant love song "29" is an invigorating hardcore punk romp in Bad Brain's style with added distortion and piano to spice up the excellent short tune; an album highlight. 

The band switches gears with the schizophrenic "2K ft. Archangel" moving into hip hop with industrial noise beats as backing. The track works as a break from the propulsive metallic onslaught but still manages to keep the bands style flowing and expanding. 

The short EP ends back in the screaming punk world as "Mathed Up" contains massive blast beats and throat ripping yells while the more groove laden "I'm On Probation"  injects some tripped out psychedelic guitar leads to broaden the pounding sound palette even further pout there. 

Soul Glo do not play it safe, lashing out at everything around them in various styles on Songs To Yeet A The Sun. A band that breaks boundaries with raw aggression, here's hoping more is coming from the Philly group soon.
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