Thursday, May 9, 2013

Baseball Walk Out Songs

We love baseball here at RtBE, so when Hidden Track pointed us to a post on (of all sites) that dealt with the 15 Oddest Baseball Walk-On Songs for this season we had to check it out. 
This is one of our favorite conversations to have at a baseball game as it combines music and America's past time (usually with a beer in hand). We have heard some great answers, everything from deathmetal to the National Anthem to a deathmetal national anthem.

The idea of the National Anthem was a great one from Tom, saying if he was a relief pitcher he would use it so everyone would have to stand up and no one would boo him. Classic.

MtvHive's Article is OK, but it is early in the season and I don't know everyone's walk up songs yet (by a long shot). I agree with them on their AJ Pierzynski post, everyone hates Creed, and Stinkfist ain't a bad nickname for David Freese at all.

It is amusing that Lyle Overbay still uses the song that was popular (kinda) when he first got called up in 2001. This post also makes me kinda like Eric Chavez a bit more.  While Domonic Brown goes in your face, Chavez is subversive with the "Ice Cream Paint Job", I may have gone Lil' Wayne's take on the beat from No Ceilings though...

You can download that full mixtape here by the way if you don't have it and wonder why people love Wheezy.

My choice for walk up song always changes, I used to say the build up in "Run Like An Antelope" or "Raining In Blood" but I am constantly changing and am sure I will come up with a new one at the next game I attend...

Do you have one? Feel free to leave your choices in the comments...

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