Friday, May 10, 2013

Full Show Friday: Bob Marley Live 11-25-79 Santa Barbara

Well we are still recovering from the most amazing time down at Jazzfest, we hope to have few posts concerning the experience, but really it is getting harder and harder to find ways of saying how amazing everything is....if you've been you know, if you haven't you should go. Simple as that.

We figured the positive vibes of a pure legend were needed today, so we went to the obvious choice, Bob Marley. We choose a show from his Survival Tour which took place in 79 because of its more laid back nature then some of our favorite early shows of Bob...we are just looking to relax today and what better place then Santa Barbara in 1979? 

Having already been diagnosed with Cancer a few years earlier this would be his second to last tour, and he would be dead in just 16 months at shockingly only 36 years old. Bob is physically frailer but his playing/singing/spirit still transcends time and space like few ever have.       

This is a professional recording that was officially released and you can buy it here.  You will know almost all of the tunes if you are even a casual fan but some highlights are the opening "Positive Vibrations", the raw vocal performance he puts on during "Ambush In The Night", the passion and percussion of "Them Belly Full", "Ride Natty Ride", the string of all-time classics to close and our favorite Marley tune (probably) "Exodus". Enjoy the show:

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