Thursday, May 2, 2013

While we sample Sazerac's, you should sample these

We are down in New Orleans, living the good dirty life, with that output will be pretty slow the next few days. Reminder you can listen to the fest on WWOZ.
So check out these blogs, they are over on the right hand side, but I am not sure if everyone see's them all the time.

WFMU's Icihban Soul
This blog is one I consistently surprises me how good the music that they focus on makes me feel.  Everything from a young Otis Redding to Tassle Twirling this site has it all and always puts a smile on my face or a tear in my eye.  Great stuff...oh and RTBE Favorite Greg Cartwright has been known to DJ there.

Hidden Track
We hype them periodically, but Scott and crew do a great job with the blog on Glide.  Give them love and check out everything from jambands (their bread and butter) to indie rock to beer and food posts.    

We haven't pumped them up in a bit so we will remind you...the best in live music taping here in NYC, period. They even have a KILLER recording of our pick for show of the year from last year.  You can grab that recording here.  

There are tons of other ones, feel free to leave your favorites in the back soon..maybe, we just might stick around this town...

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