Wednesday, May 15, 2013

You Know What the Date and Time Are?

Out of My Brain........

We haven't touched much on Quadrophenia on the blog but anyone who knows me or Wilson (who contributes and edits sporadically) has heard us go on (at length) about the greatness of this album.

We even went to see The 2 Who (they aren't close to the original band) with Hottub and Jeff this Feburary when the tour rolled into AC.  What better place to go to hear Quad then by the Sea and Sand?

We didn't review the show because we could have written a book about the experience. It wasn't all roses but it was pretty god damn monumental personally for us. More will probably be recapped down the road regarding that, but for NOW on 5/15 at 5:15 please play that song up there as loudly as humanly possible and enjoy...   

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