Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Free Mp3's: 30 Days of Grateful Dead Download

Here is a free gift after the nonsense of spending spree's that went on this weekend. The Grateful Dead do their annual contest called 30 Days of Dead in November allowing old time fans to guess the versions of tunes. Now they are all here for you to download and listen to (Scroll down to the bottom to download them all in one shot).
The 30 Days of Dead offering is an interesting one as most fans of the band are stuck on shows not jumping from around from different eras, at least that's never how I listen to them. In past years we have been all over this, but we haven't given the good ol' Grateful Dead much love on RtBE in 2014. While we don't listen to them that often they sound is kinda always playing in our heads which is nice. 

Enjoy the download and peep some video of the fella's, one acoustic, one electric:

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