Thursday, October 11, 2018

Jack White Playing Brooklyn, Chicago & Nashville

Jack White is wrapping up his Boarding House Reach world tour with shows in Brooklyn Chicago and Nashville next month.

Tickets are on sale tomorrow and the wide ranging tour has already spawned a live DVD and Vault released live vinyl collection. The tour has been a blast and having caught him twice can highly recommend seeing these final dates as per Dominic Davis's Instagram, it is looking like Jack will not be touring solo next year....

Which brings us back to RtBE's post Raconteurs tunes...New album on the horizon...pretty please tour dates!?!??! From someone who has seen the band all across the country, we would happily do the same again as they are a blast live.

So until the good word comes down from Mount about a few live Boarding House Reach tunes to commemorate the end of this great tour:

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