Wednesday, October 10, 2018

10th Anniversary of Consolers of the Lonely + New Raconteurs Songs

The Third Man Vault announced some exciting news this week, While the 10th Anniversary pressing of a gorgeous vinyl for the kick ass Consolers of the Lonely is fantastic in and of itself, the big bombshell explodes that The Raconteurs have two new songs out in a few months and they are recording a new record for 2019!

The 38th Vault package is a great one and for lovers of Consolers of the Lonely. Our original review spewed our love into word form (would have been 10 stars in the new system)  and we helped Glide rate it extremely high on the 50 Best Albums of the '00's (4th overall to these ears). We will love adding the pretty records to our stash, but Holy Moley have we been waiting for new Raconteurs tunes and (fingers crossed) new live dates from them for a loooong time.

Word is next month marks the final Boarding House Reach tour dates and inside word makes it look like Jack will not be touring solo next year, so here is hoping we get some Raconteurs shows to rock out to in the near future.

Until then enjoy some of the kick ass tunes from the ten year old record:

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