Thursday, October 11, 2018

Album Review: Integrity & Krieg - Split

Integrity & Krieg 
*** out of *****

The newest release from the Cleveland metallic hardcore godfathers Integrity is a split offering with their friends in the black metal band Krieg. The disk is punishing and raw, captivating for fans of either of the bands.

Starting with one of the two new songs they offer up on this release Integrity is immediately propulsive. The band are blasting through "Scorched Earth" an aptly named title that delivers a wasted landscape in it's path. "Flames of the Immortal" continues the onslaught with blistering crazy fast riffs from guitarist Dom Romeo and a grooving drum beat under the chaos before a straight up metal solo fire out from the depths.

The galloping "Sons of Satan" is a take on lead singers Dwid solo project tune (the expertly named Vermapyre)of the same name and it is a brutal attack which is fist pumping singalong ready. Integrity's part of the album wraps up with steam slamming straight ahead cover of "Document One" from GISM stuttering out in digital feedback before Krieg takes over the record.

The blistering pace which started off this project is scaled back as the more sludge driven pummeling of Jersey dark metal rockers takes over on the longest offering here, "Circle of Guilt". The throaty screams of Neill Jameson dominate "This Time I'll Leave You To Drown" while a dramatic heavy score moves around the raw vocals.

The split release closes with "The Sick Winds Stir the Cold Dawn" which ends up the weakest offering here, with muddy production but as it wraps up it proves that the metallic ferocity before it was pretty special as both bands excelled on this brief banging release.
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