Thursday, April 4, 2019

Album Review: Benny Bassett - Words For Yesterday EP

Benny Bassett
Words For Yesterday EP
**and a 1/2 out of *****

The newest release from Singer/Songwriter Benny Bassett is a collection of tunes he crafted while ditching his day job and taking up becoming a full time musician. The Words For Yesterday EP has the wind of traveling in it's hair and the road under it's feet as it traverses six songs.

Bassett's back story finds him, in his own words: "Chicago lawyer who gave it all up to live a life on the road, creating music and discovering what it means to be truly living. Three years, 450+ shows, and 200,000 solo driving miles later, my story, and my music are still going."

The tracks here each have their own sub genre and flair, moving from heavy rock to pop as Bassett looks to cover all of his bases; the artist is still searching and experimenting with different sounds. Opener "Window To Forever" is a acoustic track with piano lines, slowly growing into a pulsing pop number and album highlight with it's delicate instrumentation and singing. The inspirational "Live Where You Love The Sky" is a fun pop-folk ramble with soothing supporting vocals, a shaking beat, piano and electro-keyboards fluttering in and out.

Less successful is the rocked up "Down Below" which Bassett tries to move into hard/heavy territory but is clipped and not fully invested in it's heavy/sexy urges.  "Find A Way" work better as more mid tempo grooving effort with an effect driven solo while "Building A Future" moves directly into the dance pop rock vein with an electronic bass pulse pushing for commercial appeal.

EP closer "From You" gets personal as Bassett goes into his origin story as an artist while dramatic piano and simple acoustic guitars play behind him in cinematic fashion. Words For Yesterday is a solid effort from a committed artist who, like us all, is still searching for his own path in the world.

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  1. Thank you so much for checking it out! I appreciate it, as well as the review!