Thursday, April 25, 2019

The 50th NOLA Jazz & Heritage Festival Starts Today!

The best festival in America kicks off today and hopefully you are attending. If you can not get to the Big Easy for The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage FestivalWWOZ has the answer.
You can stream the festival through their website. This is one of the best radio channels in the country, so you should pop in and stream them regularly, but these next two weekends are a must if you can't be there.

Also Leslie Michelle Derrough put together a great rundown of both weekends over on Glide which is totally worth checking out as she highlighted artists for each day and captured some quotes from people playing the fest:

We will be down next week, and can not wait. Oh yeah and peep a few videos of non headlining acts playing this weekend, how have we never heard of Luther Kent and Trickbag before!??!:

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