Monday, April 1, 2019

Rolling Stones Cancel North America Tour, Jazzfest Slot Empty

Unfortunately due to Mick Jagger's health issues, The Rolling Stones have had to cancel their upcoming North American tour.

While the band are telling fans to hold tickets as they hope to rescheduled the tour in the near future, certain dates can not be rescheduled including New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival.

The Festival, for their first time ever, limited their daily ticket sales, jacked up prices to cover the Stones fees and scheduled every other act to be done before the Stones would start to play on May 2nd.

With this cancellation there are lots of questions to be answered. Who will fill the headlining slot on Thursday May 2nd? Will there be a refund? Will more acts be added to fill all the other stage times? There are lots of issues to work out and only one months time, here's hoping things work out as RtBE has tickets to this show. 

Also RtBE had a ton of Jazzfest/Stones material prepared for this month and while we wish Mick the best, the posts must go on but it will be bittersweet. RtBE will still be highlighting the band in our Masters series this month. Ahhh what could have been....

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