Monday, October 7, 2019

Dylan Cover #396 Bruce Springsteen "Chimes of Freedom" Live from Copenhagen 1988

Continuing our ongoing Monday's Dylan Cover Series, this week we present Bruce Springsteen performing a live cover of "Chimes Of Freedom" .

Thoughts on Original:
From the first time we tackled a cover of this song:
This song is a giant one in Bob's catalog, but it has always been one of the classic Dylan anthems that never really struck a chord with RtBE.  For some reason when we talk about Dylan moving from protest singer to full on poetic songwriter, this is the tune that comes to mind. It seems to be stuck between those two worlds and the version on Another Side Of Bob Dylan just doesn't connect on many levels. I may be in the minority but this has never been a great Dylan song in my eyes...which in-turn does make it ripe to cover...

Thoughts on Cover Band:
We will be focusing on Bruce Springsteen all month in our on Masters series. RtBE dig's the Jersey Devil and his bombastic style.
Thoughts on Cover:
A Bruce'd up Dylan cover, but not one that really changes much, just amps it up overall in Springsteen's big band style. A fine cover that is perfect for Bruce's over abundant dramatic style. The 80's chimes are fine for it as well, if a bit crushing in their symbolism, just overall the tune never real grabs us.

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