Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Album Review: Power Trip - Live in Seattle 05​.​28​.​2018

Power Trip
Live in Seattle 05.28.2018
*** out of *****
The Dallas, TX based metal band Power Trip have released a live album to their fans while the groups is locked down from touring due to Covid-19. The album captures the bands tour from a few years ago as Live in Seattle 05​.​28​.​2018 finds the players (Riley Gale (vocals), Chris Ulsh (drums), Chris Whetzel (bass), Blake Ibanez (guitar), and Nick Stewart (guitar)) in fiery form.

Opening with the brief "Drown (Intro)". the band gets the crowd raging before "Divine Apprehension" sets the screeching Slayer meets Pantera tone for this evenings chaos. Ulsh drums dominate "Suffer No Fool" which is dedicated to longtime fans as Gale screams through "Sould Sacrifice" the ripping opener from their best studio album Nightmare Logic.

The crossover thrash sound keeps pummeling for "Executioners Tax" and "Crucifixation" which hit like sledgehammers with their mosh ready sections, flights of si string fury and trudging low end. "Heretic's Fork" and "Firing Squad" use the Ibanez and Stewart guitar riffs as they blast around each other with chunky down strokes and lightning fast solos, as the band constitutes slamming forward.

Album and set closer on this night, "Crossbreaker", is an old tune that wraps up the set and album with a deep pocket groove around swaggering arena ready riffs, gang vocals and Whetzel's bass thumping along.

This capturing of the bands powerful live show is a great keepsake for those who have caught them, or those who haven't yet for any reason. While Power Trip's studio albums contain more energy and cleaner sound, Live in Seattle 05​.​28​.​2018 is a testament to the bands live talents.
Support the band, buy the album, stream it on bandcamp or below and peep some video:

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