Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Album Review: Coriky - Coriky

***and1/2 out of *****

The first album from Coriky finds the husband and wife team of guitarist Ian MacKaye and Amy drummer Farina teaming up with MacKaye's Fugazi bandmate Joe Lally on bass. The result is a strong self titled debut that has flashes of MacKaye's punk past and lots of Fugazi's angular noise grooves with a more mellowed vibe.

"Clean Kill" the trio's opener and "Too Many Husbands" have both been released for sometime now and the tracks are on the more aggressive side of things with revving guitars and tempos shifts coming in at odd times. Along with songs like "Hard To Explain" they sum up where this collective are with their lives, the tone is menacing and tightly wound, but the tracks end where in the past they would have exploded.  

"Have A Cup Of Tea" could be the trios theme song as Lalley's bass line thumps ominously while digital squeaks and a light marching drum move the sounds along as MacKaye sings about still making malotov's in a restrained voice as harmonies with Farina sound sweet as a tale of aged out/stagnate rebels sit down and have the title beverage.

"BQM" displays brief punk aggression as it riffs around with accelerated pace, while Lalley's strong work directs the snake like "Last thing". The chugging "Jack Says" spiffs up a "Louie Louie" groove around Farina's strong vocals before a low key Sonic Youth vibe flows through the Trump take down "Inauguration Day" and album closer "Woulda Coulda" stretches out with blissful ease.  Throughout the debut the three participants work incredibly well with each other musically and full band harmonizing adds a new layer to the sound.

More than simply the same style trio (a husband/wife, guitarist/drummer friendly bass player), Yo La Tengo came to mind often as Coriky's songs have an edge to them, but could also be listened to on Sunday morning as they never truly overwhelm with aggression. Who knows if Coriky is a one off outing or will evolve into a lasting Yo La Tengo like project, but whichever way they evolve, their beginnings are strong.
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