Tuesday, October 27, 2020

20th Anniversary of Medeski Martin & Wood's - The Dropper

Late October of 2000 saw the NYC based jazz collective Medeski Martin and Wood put out their most experiential record yet on Blue Note records titled The Dropper.

Over on Glide Doug Colette went over the history and all of the tracks of the record so go there to read the fine article.

RtBE's personal connection is that we bought the CD release at Tower Records on Broadway and enjoyed it immensely over the fall of 2000. It quickly became our favorite MMW album and remains so all these years later. While not all fans of the band liked it, some thought it was too out there, or too hip-hop, we were right there for both of those styles. 

Adding Marc Ribot brings in the downtown NYC jazz style while producer Scotty Hard adds a gritty 90's hip hop vibe. While albums like Friday Afternoon In The Universe and It's A Jungle In Here were our entry into the band and Combustication was the first album we really loved, The Dropper is the record that we go back to the most from the players; it is their freakiest and best. 

To celebrate the 20th anniversary here are a few tracks from the record:

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