Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Album Review: Haircut - Cake EP

Cake EP
*** out of *****

The Richmond Virginia based hardcore punk outfit Haircut return with their third blistering EP in three years as the six song Cake on 11 pm Records smokes through your ear holes in six minutes.

Pounding drums kick off the title tune as buzz saw guitars and exasperated vocals join the fury. "Honey Pot" screeches in an out of numerous tempo shifts in just under a minute run time while the snarling "Prayer for a Little Girl" screams about a cursed soul with pure desperation.

"Take It" is driving straight ahead four on the floor mayhem before the rollicking chaos of "White Worm". Album closer is the elongated effort here...and still only runs 1:25 as the guitar shifts and slams back and forth. While the whole band is locked in over this brief release, the drumming and clear production is what elevates the effort as the group sounds alive, vibrant and clear around that amazing drum work.  

Efficiently powerful, brutality with a keen ear for the melodic shift here and there make Cake a delicious hardcore punk offering from Haircut.   
Support the band, buy the album, stream it on bandcamp or below and peep some video:

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