Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Album Review: Morganthus - Supercult EP

Supercult EP
**and1/2 out of *****

The metal trio Morganthus from Warren, PA recall the glory days of heavy rock and roll with their newest EP titled Supercult. While the excellent cover art may bring to mind Megadeth, the sound on the three song offering is straight from the bubbling cauldron of Black Sabbath

Opening with the title tracks distorted rumbling feedback, the guitars vibrate speakers as the drums and rumbling bass continue to shake the system in a style very reminiscent to the Birmingham metal godfathers. This is all before vocals from Doug "Wes" Miller enter and point directly towards the Ozzy obsession. The band do add a touch extra doom and stoner haze to the sound, muddying things up while also delivering shredding solos on every track here. 

After the excellent title cut, "Wasp-76b" keeps the same style trudging forward as mammoth sized beats sink in and Ozzy like vocals wail before another soaring solo is dispersed from Miller. Cory N. on Bass and John "Dog" Marconi keep the slow low-end churning while Miller leads the charge on the slightly cleaner "A National Acrobat" which also injects a touch of prog rock to close the brief but powerful EP.  

Sure, this sounds almost exactly like Sabbath at times, but is that such a bad thing? As fans ourselves of Black Sabbath, hearing a band super influenced by them doing their own thing scratches a metal itch in retro fashion. RtBE can definitely recommend that any like minded fans of Ozzy, Geezer, Iomi and Ward should check these guys out immediately. 
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