Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Knights of the Black Debut Single "Black Harvest - The Horror of Haddonfield"

The debut single from the new New York City death metal outfit Knights of the Black has been released.

"Black Harvest - The Horror of Haddonfield" is a pummeling display of aggression, technique and power from the five piece Bronx based rampaging marauders. The song lyrically uses the horror movie "Halloween" as it's inspiration and future tracks will find other horror classics as fuel for their violent fires. 

The band is comprised of ex-NYHC members of Irate as well as family and friends. Knights of the Black are Vox - Phil Vibez, Lead/ Rhythm Guitars - Jay Vibez, Lead/ Rhythm Guitars - Nando Redrum, Bass - Tommy Tulotta with Session Drummer - Chason Westmoreland. 

Listen to "Black Harvest - The Horror of Haddonfield" below and prepare for more from the band in the near future:

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