Friday, November 6, 2020

Happy 25th Anniversary to Goodie Mob's Soul Food

Tomorrow marks the 25th anniversary of Goodie Mob's debut release, Soul Food.

Soul Food was RtBE's first introduction into southern hip hop and to this day it remains one of our favorite albums. This was before Outkast rose to fame, and in 1995 we were as into hip hop as we ever were and this album scratched all itches by using killer dark beats, excellent word play and conscious messaging while remaining hard hitting. It was clear the band was speaking from their heart throughout and it sounded great then and still sounds great 25 years later.

While their friends and contemporaries went on to superstardom, outside of Cee-Lo Green the band never hit those heights however Soul Food is an all-time great hip hop record that seems to get overlooked when discussing the greats in the genre. We were lucky enough to catch the band at SOB's live early in their career and loved the show that the MOB put on. 

RtBE has stayed tuned into their more recent releases, solo efforts, live streams and mentioned a new tune they put out last month, and a new album coming later this month

To celebrate this milestone let's return to their best record. Here are a few excellent tunes from Soul Food which turns 25 tomorrow:


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