Thursday, January 28, 2021

Mike Dillon Releasing Trilogy of Albums in 2021

Yesterday he was playing live at Sidebar in NOLA and outside of that Mike Dillon has been incredibly busy, announcing that a trilogy of albums are coming from the vibraphone maestro. 

Recorded by Dillon while in lockdown during 2020, along with producer Chad Meise, the trilogy of albums: Shoot The Moon, Suitcase Man and 1918 will be released immediately via bandcamp then, through the Royal Potato label, vinyl records will be offered on March 12th. 

Dillon recorded one of our favorite albums from last year, Rosewood is a mature collection of sounds that signaled a new direction for the artist, so we are very excited to see what the new trilogy has in store. 

The first single from 1918 has been released and can be heard below, it is titled "Pinocchio".    

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