Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Album Review: Erika Lewis - A Walk Around The Sun

Erika Lewis 
A Walk Around The Sun
***and1/2 out of *****

The newest release from singer/songwriter Erika Lewis is a sweet slice of Americana that showcases her gorgeous vocals. Supplemented by easy strumming strings, weeping steel guitars and a few rocking efforts, A Walk Around The Sun, drifts in and surrounds like a warm summer breeze. 

The country laced, "A Thousand Miles" is a pretty opener, finding Lewis going high with her sweeping vocals around a relaxed swaying. The steel guitars and light drumming push forward the affecting "If You Were Mine" while the title effort amps up the stakes with a dramatic finish deploying rising guitars and drums. 

The album is predominantly locked in with a mixing of folk rock for most of the run time. "First Love" drags in a Southwestern desert flair, the rock goes a bit higher than the folk for "Loser" and especially the supped up, harmonica laced "Unsatisfied" before the fiddle and Lewis' powerful singing shine bright on "Running Wild".

Lewis and company shift up styles a bit behind a jazzy bass line, banjo and ominous percussion on "Hearts" while "Wild Thing" finds Lewis channeling Stevie Nicks herself on the Fleetwood Mac influenced track.   

Lewis wraps up the album by delivering a classic weeper in a country vein as the piano ballad "Thief And A Liar" allows all of Lewis angst to come bubbling up through her intoxicating vocals which never sounded better as they wrap up the robust folk-rock based effort A Walk Around The Sun.      
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