Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Happy 30th Anniversary to Los Lobos Kiko

This is a week late, but we wanted to wish a happy thirtieth anniversary to the most successful of Los Lobos albums, 1992's Kiko

On May 26th 1992 the band released this album and while they had success in the past, this was the one that really sealed the deal as it spans Americana, Chicano, Rockabilly, Blues, Tejano, Roots and Psychedelic rock. In truth this band can do it all and is wildly underrated when it comes to their range, scope and success as songwriters/musicians. 

While RtBE dug their last album, when we reach for Los Lobos it is usually Kiko or their first album that gets played the most often. That said, any and everything we have heard from the band we have enjoyed. Here is hoping they keep rolling along.  

To celebrate 30 years of Kiko, buy the album and enjoy a few songs below:

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