Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Greg Cartwright Ends Reigning Sound

The Memphis based Reigning Sound was one of the best garage rockin' soul influenced bands out there and as of last week they are no more. 

Due to Covid-19, Greg Cartwright (the founding and truly only full time member) canceled the groups upcoming European tour and announced that he was dissolving the band after releasing a live album earlier this month. It is unclear where Cartwright goes from here as he seems like a rock and roll lifer, having recently written songs with The Black Keys, producing longtime friends Quintron and Miss Pussycat and other projects

Odds are he will continue in some form, (maybe a follow up Parting Gifts record or Oblivions reunion is coming) but this post is for a reflection on one of RtBE's all time favorite groups. 

Reigning Sound made our 2000's decade best list over on Glide with the timeless Too Much Guitar and it can't be stated enough that we loved catching them live. Their first album is solid, Time Bomb High School is a classic as is their Live at Goner Records album. Love and Curses is one of our favorite from the band, their most recent album is also a joy to hear and we rated that high on our year end list

Point is, Reigning Sound rule.  

The band will be missed and RtBE like many other rock and roll fans will be waiting to see where Cartwright goes next as he is one of our all-time favorite songwriters, producers and performers.

So turn the volume up and play some of the band's best tunes below, one from each of their studio albums (all of which are worth owning) and a bonus live jam:


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