Thursday, June 16, 2022

Album Review: SAULT - AIR

***and1/2 out of *****

The pseudonymous British music collective SAULT's sixth studio album AIR is a complete shifting of gears for the group. AIR is the outfits take on choral music and orchestral sounds which rise out of lush surroundings. 

The opening "Reality" is a soaring display of vocalization and rising choral orchestration as it announces the famously allusive bands intentions. The three listed members of SAULT (Inflo – producer, various instruments Cleo Sol – lead vocals Kid Sister – lead vocals) provide a wealth of instrumentation and vocal support on "Air" as harps, flutes, French horns and twinkling strings all add to the atmosphere. The harp starts the adventure on "Heart" which uses the huge vocals as the music rises and falls around the voices. 

The centerpiece on the album is the twelve and a half minute "Solar" which begins with a peaceful flying feeling during the first movement before shifting to voices and dramatic, tension building horns. There is a repetitive middle section that fluctuates between loud and soft before a digital enhanced finale.  

"Time Is Precious" continues the going big feel as it presents a wide range of feelings with a cinematic scope and aura as it flows into "June 55" playing as one long diverse piece of music. The album ends with "Luos Higher" which scales back the theatrics to primarily focus on string instruments as they are plucked and talk to each other in worldly fashion.   

A unique offering in this digital age as SAULT looks back to a bygone era of music mixing the grandiose orchestration and choral vocalizations to winning effect on AIR
Support the artists, buy the album and peep some video below:

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