Monday, July 25, 2022

Happy Birthday Thurston Moore

RtBE would like to wish a Happy 64th Birthday to one of our personal favorites, Thurston Moore.

We recently discussed our favorite Sonic Youth album, Dirty which turned 30 this year, and  mentioned that SY were incredibly formative to our tastes and playing. From the first time we saw them, to bumping into Thurston on Broadway or Kim and Lee at various shows throughout the years in NYC, to reviewing later albums to attending the bands last American show, they will always have a place in our mind/heart. 

One of the coolest live moments for RtBE took place back in 2008. Moore and his guitar slinger in crime Lee Ranaldo crafted a whirling electric odyssey in the old Knitting Factory for a Fender Jazzmaster showcase celebrating the guitars 50th year. The tiny venue was excellent for them to showoff their interlinking instrumental style and sound. Another interesting live permutation was when Moore played the Solid Sound Festival focusing on his Demolished Thoughts record and messing around with Pillow Wand.   

Thurston himself has always been great to listen to and has directed us to cool tunes, as we loved his Chelsea Light Moving and past solo records a ton

Nothing tops Rock N Roll Consciousness though as it is his most blissful, so much so RtBE proclaimed it album of the year for 2017 and ranked it high on our favorite albums of the decade listRtBE were also lucky to catch the band on the tour for that album which caused the walls of the Music Hall of Williamsburg to shake with the loud, positive, rock on that night.   

To celebrate Moore's birthday, let's listen to some songs. We will start with RtBE's favorite Moore's solo song, then continue with a story/interview/few acoustic live tunes before closing with one of the best Sonic Youth songs (you can dive into the better extended version here if you got twenty five minutes to spare). 

Happy Birthday Birthday Mr. Moore.

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