Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Album Review: Action Bronson - Cocodrillo Turbo

Action Bronson 
Cocodrillo Turbo
***and1/2 out of *****

The wide ranging Action Bronson returns with his first album in two years as Cocodrillo Turbo crawls out of the murky darkness and shambles fourth on a linking motif of roars and bird calls connecting each of the ten tracks here. 

The low key affair plays to Bronson's strengths as short songs start and stop around verses and very few choruses as if he feels no real need to make major artistic statements, just get high and rhyme. The opening "Hound Dog" has a tough repetitive guitar riff supporting the flow before crashing quickly and dripping into the best effort on the album "Tongpo". A spaghetti western/surf riff around a harmonica and jungle drums straight out of Screaming J Hawkins slow bop along as Bronson admits to not knowing about jail and driving sports cars across the Bellagio lobby. Conway the Machine helps out and delivers some of the strongest rhymes, and by far the funniest line around the ex-governor of New York State.    

Bronson rhymes about wrestlers, sports stars, food and more. Everyone from Latino Heat, Mr. Socko, Allen Iverson, John Randell, Magic Johnson, pickles and Vodka slices gets an airing as the talented MC just lets his mind wander. The bass bumps and jazz cymbals arrive on the most polished track, "Subzero" but next to barely song offerings like "Jaws" the tightness level is low here. 

The repeating soul samples of "Jaguar" are pleasant while the beeping of "Turkish" becomes distracting. The best beat here shows up for "Zambezi" which also has an opening verse from Roc Marciano as the cool laid back beat flows before Bronson also delivers a powerful verse. The album closing "Storm of The Century" goes more jazzy with beats as Bronson stays raw with rhymes, juxtaposing styles with success.     

Stakes are never high and that suits Action Bronson just fine as Cocodrillo Turbo allows the modern day renaissance man (if an incredibly stoned one) pure freedom to let his animal instincts out to positive effect over the quick rolling joint. 
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