Thursday, August 4, 2022

Bandcamp's Final Goodbye to Reigning Sound and Possible Hello To Cartwright/McMicken?

A few months back RtBE wrote about Greg Cartwright's decision to end the Reigning Sound moniker. Then last month we reviewed his final album with the band, the live recording Memphis in June

Now Bandcamp does an excellent job wrapping up their career and talking to Cartwright about his decision to move on. It looks like we may have been correct about one prediction, a follow up from The Parting Gifts is on the horizon, however, we could never have guessed another revelation here:
He (Cartwright) also shared some details on an unnamed project he has started with Dr. Dog’s Scott McMicken. “He just moved to Asheville a couple months ago, and we put a band together with a couple of friends of ours,” Cartwright says. “It’s a four-piece with guitars, bass, drums, and occasionally some keyboards. It’s been super fun writing songs with him and writing for that dynamic and not being the bandleader having another person who seems to lead sometimes. We’ve done some recording, but we’re not quite done with it.”
Wow. This would be a combo of two all-time favorites for RtBE as we have loved both Reigning Sound and Dr. Dog since we first heard each. Having had the pleasure of interviewing Scott for Glide, this pair would be a joy to check out.  

Here's hoping something comes to fruition from their sessions. Until then, check out songs by both Reigning Sound and Dr. Dog below. 

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