Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Album Review: Trombone Shorty - Lifted

Trombone Shorty
***and1/2 out of *****

Five records into his studio recording career Troy Andrews, aka Trombone Shorty has firmly established a pattern of delivering solid, genre ranging songs as he has become the new ambassador for his beloved New Orleans world wide. Funk, jazz, blues, rock, R&B, all diffused through a pop filter, get airings throughout Lifted as Shorty and his main band, Orleans Avenue, continue their stout, crowd pleasing efforts...if never quite delivering that home run tune. 

Opener "Come Back" is the best of the bunch this go around. It has smooth singing from Andrews, brilliant horn parts, wah-wah guitar and bright production which pops. Shorty and company move into a Bruno Mars get down jam direction for the slinky, poppy funk of "Lie To Me" and the clean, party rocking joyousness of "Might Not Make It Home".

Orleans Avenue, Shorty and guest Gary Clark Jr. punch up the heavy rock on "I’m Standing Here" which features solos from Shorty and Clark that are dynamite before the meaty riffs of the title track brings things higher. The album is dedicated to Shorty's mom who recently passed and is featured on the excellent cover photo. It is notable that Lifted is the first Trombone Shorty effort without an instrumental or cover song which could be why Shorty took extra time with this personal release. 

When Shorty slows down things aren't as engaging, however Lauren Daigle delivers sweet vocals on "What It Takes" and "Forgiveness" is a great lyric, just a dull musical outing. Shorty and company are more successful on the modern NOLA sound of the clap happy, percussive funk of "Miss Beautiful" as his beloved hometown seeps into every sonic pore and closer "Good Company" which ends things with the strongest horn work on the whole album. 

RtBE has discussed this before but Shorty is an amazing live artist who has yet to truly meld his talents into studio efforts, or made that one killer song/album that will bring him superstar recognition his talent deserves, and that is fine. There is very little to dislike on Lifted, as everyone involved delivers professional modern poppy funky rock and R&B to the masses.   
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