Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Album Review: Joe Marcinek Band - JMB5

Joe Marcinek Band
***and1/2 out of *****

The newest offering from the Joe Marcinek Band is a genre ranging collection of instrumentals as the guitarist fronts a slippery outfit who morph and slide behind him throughout JMB5, the not so subtlety titled fifth offering from the outfit, released on Vintage League Music

The core group are fronted by Marcinek on guitar, with Robert Walter on Hammond organ and Pete Koopmans on drums. They are supported throughout by Greg Spero – Piano, Jason Hann – Percussion, Alex Wasily – Trombone, Sean Erick – Trumpet, Jordan Donald – Sax each popping in and out to round out the sound. 

Opener "Dog" is a funky stroll with polished guitar lines leading into a jamming middle section as the instruments all speak to each other in warm fashion, if only for a little too long. The group deliver some Caribbean flair with the calypso tinged "Reciprocity" which also delivers jazzy guitar runs before the light samba on album closer "Bella" which is a showcase for all the excellent percussion work of Hann and Koopmans.   

Moving to the northern most city of the Caribbean for influence, "Lagniappe" brings that second line New Orleans bounce and Tremé parading to the album with bright horn work while further on up the Mississippi the Chicago blues come alive on the warm "Doggone Blues" complete with rich horns and organ. 

That organ work from Walter is dynamite and especially forefront on "Vitalizing" dominating the brief punchy highlight number. The two most complete offerings incorporate all Marcinek's influences into instrumental amalgamations as "Cool Down" is rooted in the blues but expands like a chrysalis out of a cocoon primed to fly while "Bulldog" is wide ranging offering built around skittering drums and bright psychedelic sounds from Marcinek's soaring guitar.  

The eight originals, written by Marcinek, easily glide through sweet sounds and smooth pastures as the players on JMB5 combine blissfully, delivering an easy-going, joyful, instrumental journey. 
Support the artist, buy the album and peep some video below:

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