Thursday, August 18, 2022

Album Review: Mo Lowda and the Humble - Lily Pads

Mo Lowda and the Humble
Lily Pads
** out of *****

The Philadelphia, PA based indie rock outfit Mo Lowda and the Humble newest offering is a quick, three tune EP titled Lily Pads. The group consists of lead singer/guitarist Jordan Caiola, bassist/keyboardist Jeff Lucci, drummer Shane Woods, with touring member Kirby Sybert pitching in when the band plays live. 

The opening title track of the brief three song outing uses dreamy, washing guitars swaying around speakers in front of light percussion, synths and vibrating bass. Lyrically a change has come with "Grew up loving Jesus/more than you loved yourself" resulting in an outside influencer pushing decisions that need to be made. An odd choice finds the band dropping out mid-song and then flowing back in with an outro that drips into the instrumental "Rescue Boats" which plays simply as an exhale of "Lily Pads" and little else. 

The easy rolling music seeps into the background before the shaking percussion and rich bass pushes "Snowbird" as the light airy vocals from Cailoa float through. The track ends just when it is picking up steam and seemingly ready to bust out and probably will on the live stage.   

Playing more like an A&B side of a single, with an instrumental break in-between, Lily Pads is a very short dip into this Philly bands surroundings. However, those swirling sonic environments are rich as the band pumps their bright, dance laden, indie rock sound. 

Support the band and peep some video below:

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