Thursday, August 25, 2022

Album Review: Orgone - Lost Knights

Lost Knights
*** out of *****

The newest offering from the long running Los Angeles based outfit Orgone, titled Lost Knights is a mix of seventies sounds that convey a burning love for raw rockin' and rollin' soulful outings. 

The band Sergio Rios (guitar) Adryon de León (vocals) Dan Hastie (keyboards) Sam Halterman (drums) Dale Jennings (bass) open the album with "Working For Love". The track combines most of the things that make for a Orgone tune this go around; heavy bass, rock focused guitar, sweet singing, funky drumming and a solid solo tossed in to wrap it up. The following instrumental "Samson" harkens back to the early days of the band and could easily be sampled (or used in whole really) as a backing track for an MC. 

The mixing of 70's classic rock and funky rhythms hit their peak on "Burn" which sounds like a smoky, more metallic, Funkadelic excursion from 1978. The band keeps the soulful grooving rock with strong vocals from de León on both "Lay Down Your Life" and album closer "Hazel" also reminiscent of P-funk, but again more on the rock vibe as opposed to the funk side of things. 

That rock love is thoroughly explored on the Iron Butterfly sounding "Going Going Gone" which is fuzzy but not all that engaging, same could be said for the more rock based instrumental "Crusader". The band works best when all of their loves and styles combine, like on the distorted guitar soul of "Stand By Your Brother" and particularly "Wicked Karma".

The best track here, "Wicked Karma" fuses upbeat almost punkish drums, distorted bass rumbles and backing vocals all around a psychedelic soul base. Jamming keyboard work and potent lyrics also add to the overall success; this standout offering is a pumping jam that pushes all the right buttons. 

While not all the tracks on Lost Knights are up to that high level, there are solid offerings throughout which show Orgone's amalgamation of 70's influences still have the power to move. 
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