Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A Re-Release No One Asked For

Thanks to our uncles over @glidemag we found out that Pink Floyd are re-releasing The Division Bell. Question is, who cares?
We have been thinking a lot about the record industry over the last few years and this is clearly a money grab of the highest order. Who, outside of diehard fans, thought the Division Bell was a remotely good album? People are disappointed and rightfully so. We are not massive Floyd fans, but we do like some of their stuff, notably Wish You Were Here and The Dark Side Of The Moon. Even back in '94 this smelled like a bloated lazy half assed effort...to re-release it just seems empty and hopeless.

During a time when the industry has no idea what to do, this seems safe. Take a classic rock name, add some tracks, snazzy packaging and presto, fans who are "craving real rock" will buy it...and I am sure there will be some revisionists who claim it is great, a forgotten gem. It's not.

Those people should get online and check out different bands, prog-rock is alive and well and all you need is to click here and find an array of groups playing it on bandcamp. You can save a bunch of money, support new fresh acts and let the industry know recycling crap is for fertilizer not record players. Below are two streaming prog album we found on Bandcamp, it took us all of 2 seconds.    They are a Polish group, Iceberg Soul who are also affiliated with Jar of Hope, Apple Peel in this genre.

Check out new acts, don't reward lazy millionaires.     

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  1. The band is actually called newspaperflyhunting, and "Iceberg Soul" is the title of their album:)