Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Album Review: World's Strongest Man- I'm Sorry This Scares You

World's Strongest Man
I'm Sorry This Scares You
*** out of *****
A mix of expansive rock with poetic overtures and samples the duo behind World's Strongest Man have crafted an engaging release with I'm Sorry This Scares You. Dealing with travel/escapism, death/rebirth, human frailty and injustice in the bands spoken word lyrics, things take on cinematic feel.

The opening "I. Catching Out II. The Farther We Get Out The Better" is a gorgeous journey, upbeat and positive with pleasing sounds but an angst lurking below the surface. "The Wye" opens with a train whistle, playing harder overall with a obvious nod to the bands math-rock influences.  

Musically, there is a touch (or at least a hint) of last year's critical darling Deafheaven's Sunbather, but by going the spoken word, less metallic route, the message is easier to digest. That said, the generalist tendencies of the poetry make it feel us-against-them which puts relating on a more mob oriented then personally connective level. A scratchy delivery and underbelly of unsightliness keeps them from dipping into bored teen angst.

Drums thump and slap with crispness and as the instrumentation expands so does the drama as violins color "I. Who I Am, Who I Was II. What Will I Become" before a straight edge lyrical finale. The album's closer, the 7 minute "I. Corrosion & Weakened Joints II. Iron In Our Blood" isn't as strong as it's opener but a sampled Woody Guthrie harmonica solo adds depth to the albums overall feeling of escaping in all forms, mentally, physically, spiritually.  
Another bandcamp find of a pretty cool release on Community Records out of New Orleans, although the band is from Florida.

Support the band here, grab the album here, peeps some video below:

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